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What is SEO


SEO can be devide in two categories, the first is called On-Page SEO, and the other is Off-Page SEO.

Both On- and Off-Page SEO Optimization is essential for all websites - it is the right combination of these two parts that makes great SEO.

On-Page SEO consist of incorporating keywords naturally into title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags and furthermore optimizing page code, images, social sharing intergrations, link structure and content in general.

This is the part of SEO, that most people know about, but even then most websites are not On-Page SEO optimized.

In a recently review of up to 1,000 websites, we have concluded that up to 98% of all websites are not in the vicinity of being correctly on-page search optimized. Are your site among the 98%, or would you like to be among the only 2%, and get far ahead of your competitors?

Off-Page SEO is another part of SEO. In general, this has to do with methods beyond the website and consist of link development also called linkbuilding and outreach.

Creating a high quality, natural backlink profile, is very important for your websites ranking.

What does Link Development do for my website?

It do mean everything! Without links pointing to your page, then it will be almost "invisible" to the search engines and your rankings on your keywords might not be as good as if you had more backlinks pointing to your site.

When the search engines are indexing your pages, they are looking both at the content and the number of links pointing to your website.

Example; If a Search Engine should choose between two competing websites - The first website has 25 inbound links and the second one has only 5 inbound links. Then the first one, with 25 incoming links are most likely to be better positioned / indexed on the same keywords.

Need SEO


Search engine optimization or just SEO - Can be described as strategies and tactics used to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engines, which improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine.

The goal of successful SEO is to obtain a high ranking placement in the organic search results of the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.   

Higher website rankings means  more  traffic, more traffic means more costumers.

What is SEM


SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and is a broader term than just SEO service. 

SEM also contains the part of organic search optimization (SEO), but additionaly to this - SEM services also focus on helping you successfully target users of search engines via marketing, paid links in Google Adwords, Banner advertising or Facebook adverts etc.

SEO and SEM are not two competing services. SEO actually is considered as a part of SEM services.


SEM could be very useful when you start up a new website. Although your On-Page SEO is just fine and you are working on your Link Development, the search engines may not rank your website for your keywords, usually it takes from one month to six months or more, before your site is fully indexed, but even though your site is indexed - in may be ranked on page 3 in Google, Bing or Yahoo searches etc.

New website owners often call us in panic and say - "I can not find my side", or after a week - "even though I search for my keywords, I can not find my page "and so on. This is because the above problem, you need to have a lot of patience regarding the SEO, and indexing takes time.

So to help your business and website getting a good start, it may be useful in a  period of 3-6 month to supplement your regular SEO,  with SEM marketing, which could be targeted Google Adwords or semilar, then you will be visible in both the organic searches and in advertised links.


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